Local Personalities

Peter Bernard

Peter Bernard 1941 – 1981

Peter Frank Bernard was born in Nyanza, Victoria County, NS. In the late 1940s he attended an Indian Residential School. He was there for five years. He later moved into a boarding school in New Brunswick. After graduating from Saint Dunstan’s University in 1963 with a degree in forestry, he went on to work for the Nova Scotia and Ontario provincial government. He became a commercial bush pilot, ferrying his small craft through the vast reaches of the Canadian North. He also spent a little time as a band manager, and a fisheries officer, a restaurant owner. He was a singer and songwriter, and he recorded an album called Souriquos Visions in 1979.

In 1981 he died in a house fire at the young age of 40.
Sylvia Googoo

Sweet Water Medicine Woman

Sylvia Googoo 1954 – 2011

Sylvia was a soft spoken Mi’kmaq woman dedicated to enlightening us with our cultural teachings. She was very involved in the community and cultural gatherings, and she took great pride in that. Sylvia was a Mi’kmaq traditional, pipe carrier, drum maker, quilter, and crafter. She often held workshops to teach people to make drums, medicine wheels and pouches at the Cultural and Heritage Centre. We, the family and friends of Sylvia Googoo are truly honoured to have known such a beautiful, wise and kind woman. Let this memorial remind us of our culture, our tradition and our unity.